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1 BODY MASSAGE SCRUB   70min $145.00
Feeling a little rough or a little dry? Rejuvenate your skin with this full-body exfoliation and hydration treatment. A body scrub treatment will give your skin a smooth, fresh, healthy glow that lasts for weeks. It lifts away the old lifeless skin cells to make room for that vital new layer while stimulating lymph fluids that will help in the removal of toxins in your body. Great before special events, this treatment is a completely natural way to look and feel your best.Follow up your body scrub treatment with a massage at our Imperial Spa for an extra special experience. Your therapist can help relax and unwind with one of our massage treatments following your body scrub.
2 ALGAE BODY MASSAGE SCRUB   90min $175.00
Algae Body Scrub is a unique, luxury scented body treatment with ultra-polishing seaweed (algae) power. Algae Body Scrub gently removes dead skin cells and impurities while enhancing detoxification and increasing blood flow. This exclusive natural body exfoliant acts as a detoxifying and remineralizing treatment, improving uneven skin texture, luck of radiance and dullness and leaving your skin silky soft and delicately perfumed.
3 AROMA BODY MASSAGE SCRUB   90min $175.00
This exceptional and luxurious body scrub treatment is formulated to exfoliate, hydrate, nourish and detoxify the body with the healing benefits of aromatherapy. A body scrub is followed by an aromatherapy massage enhanced with an aroma of natural ingredients and hydrating serum utilizing soothing and comforting massage strokes. You'll be guided to ultimate state of relaxation.
4 SALT BODY MASSAGE SCRUB   90min $175.00
Feel stress melt away as your skin is gently exfoliated and massaged using a blend of rich mineral and therapeutic sea salts to gently and effectively awaken circulation while removing accumulated residues and impurities. As invigorating as sea water, this treatment allows the inner, younger, softer, layers of skin to emerge, leaving skin polished, amazingly smooth and radiant.
5 BODY SCRUB ONLY (For Men)   30min $85.00
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